At INTERNATIONAL DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, we believe in providing a growth-oriented environment by offering interactive classrooms for effective activity-based learning



  • Creating environment for diverse learning strategies, motivation & self discipline.
  • Inculcating moral values and strength based resilience through best practices.
  • Develop life skills, leadership qualities, perseverance and a sense of integrity in all students by creating opportunities.


Learning is not the filling of a pail, but lightening of a fire.”A vibrant education system is the basis of a nation’s growth and prosperity. Primary education is the initial stage of formal education where education is not about learning facts but more so about how to think.


We are delighted to introduce you  INTERNATIONAL DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Suri that provides updated NCERT (NEP-2020) curriculum from the largest awarding organization in India. It will help you laying a strong foundation for your child’s future success.


Igniting Young Minds, Shaping Global Citizens: International Delhi Public School Suri isn't just a school; it's a vibrant community where young minds blossom into confident, globally aware individuals. We nurture intellectual curiosity, ignite a passion for learning, and empower students to become responsible citizens of the world. Our Legacy: Born from the esteemed DPS tradition, we inherit a rich legacy of academic excellence and holistic development. Founded with the belief that every child holds unique potential, we provide an environment that fosters intellectual rigor, creative expression, and personal growth. Beyond the Classroom: Our curriculum transcends traditional boundaries, weaving academic pursuits with co-curricular activities, sports, and community engagement. We believe in experiential learning, encouraging students to explore their talents, challenge assumptions, and collaborate to solve real-world problems. Our Pillars of Excellence: Academic Rigor: We offer a vibrant curriculum aligned with global best practices, preparing students for competitive academic paths and fulfilling futures. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, we nurture creativity, leadership, and emotional intelligence through performing arts, sports, and community service initiatives. Global Consciousness: We foster respect for diverse cultures and perspectives, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world. Technology Integration: We leverage technology as a tool for learning, innovation, and collaboration, equipping students with 21st-century skills. Dedicated Faculty: Our passionate and experienced educators guide students with personalized attention, mentorship, and unwavering support. Your Child's Journey: At International Delhi Public School Suri, we don't just educate; we empower. We partner with parents to nurture well-rounded individuals who are academically sound, culturally aware, and equipped to lead lives of purpose and success. Come Join Us: We invite you to explore our vibrant campus, experience our dynamic learning environment, and discover how International Delhi Public School can unlock your child's potential and light the way for a bright future. . .



“We offer the ultimate that every student deserves”

the elementary computer lab curriculum is an evolving process based on present available technology
To understand anything visual classroom is very important. Therefore a learning space is developed which have flexible seating arrangement and audio-video facilities for effective learning.
It is place where students do experiment and activities with numbers and shapes to generalize patterns, explore new design and mathematical activities. It enhances the numerical and visual reasoning ability of the children

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